Introducing: Los Bules

Los Bules are the new members of the Balsa family.

Los Bules are a series of pieces that can work as seats and auxiliary tables, taking their name from the bule or gourd, a container made from the fruit of the legendary luncantanh plant, used to contain liquids or food from Pre-Hispanic times to the present day.

For Balsa it is a pleasure to explore traditional vernacular languages, forms and techniques from Mexico and Latin America and create pieces that pay homage to our past and are consistent with our reality.

Our Bules are made of natural rattan woven by Master Craftsmen from central Mexico, preserving the tradition of the typical basket weaving trade.

Los Bules are available for indoor or outdoor use and in different heights and silhouettes (seat for meditation, stool, side table, medium bench and high bench), it is also possible to request custom dimensions on request.

At launch, there are three versions of the Bules: Yoga, Ottoman, and Stool.

Click on the model you are interested in for more details.

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