Bajío Collection

Our first collection -Bajío- was developed through conversations and workshops, together with Christian Vivanco and group of artisans experts in weaving natural fibers.

The initial objective of these approaches was to know the basic principles of the process behind rattan furniture and its manufacture. Understand how rattan works, what are its possibilities, scope and limitations.

Once these principles were understood, it was possible to develop a narrative that integrated traditional knowledge about the material and processes, with an exploration around the contemporary home and the practical and emotional needs that exist in it.

Concepts such as “lightness”, “simplicity”, “transparency”, “tradition” and “structure” became discursive axes of the entire collection.

The design process was naturally progressive, exploring basic structures, tie downs, assemblies, details, all hand in hand with the craftsmen, until arriving at a series of tests and prototypes that helped shape the final designs that eventually formed Bajío.

A fundamental part of this first collection is the mastery of the rattan molding technique, barely explored in Mexico today.

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