For Balsa it is a pleasure to explore traditional vernacular languages, forms and techniques from Mexico and Latin America and create pieces that pay homage to our past and are consistent with our reality. Meet Los Bules, our latest creation, here.

Yes, we did it. Say Hola! to Mono,
our first outdoor lounge chair.

Tepozteco lounge chair.

Tepozteco lounge chair in oak and natural rattan.

A very characteristic detail of the Tepozteco lounge chair is the double curvature present in the seat and back, which promotes a greater degree of comfort when sitting.

The seat and back of the Tepozteco lounge chair are made with natural rattan fabric on a metal frame, which is suspended through posts from a local wood structure.

Meet our first headboard: Valeriana.

Say hola! to Copalito,
our new coffee table.

Copalito is a coffee table made with natural rattan rods and with a wooden top upholstered in natural jute fabric. His language is timeless, simple and universal. More details here.

Authentic natural rattan furniture,
handmade by Mexican artisans.

We are a company that works with world-class Mexican artisans and designers to develop together, furniture and objects made of natural rattan and other natural fibers with a unique and authentic proposal.

Learn more about us here.

We have finishes options for you.

Horchata Beige

Ceniza Grey

Tamarindo Brown

Espinaca Green

Camelia: Our favorite lounge chair.

Meet Cala, a fresh approach to the hanging chair.

Praise from the press.

“Objects that give a new rhythm to the everyday.”

“An emotional and nostalgic tribute to rattan.”

“Balsa have the mission to help preserve the knowledge of natural fibers in Mexico”.

“Balsa is a young project that seeks to become a new design platform.”

“Balsa make us think that we shouldn’t have said goodbye to rattan.”

Why you should want a piece of Balsa?

We are local. At Balsa we are in love with Mexico, its people, its culture and its traditions. For this reason, everything you see is made in Mexico.

We are responsible with the environment. We work with natural materials and environmentally friendly processes.

We promote handmade. We work with Mexican artisans who are experts in traditional techniques at risk, producing our pieces one by one, with the highest quality.

We are authentic. Our pieces are created by world-class Mexican designers, protected to be produced solely and exclusively for Balsa clients.

Top Picks for you.

Los Guajes, a unique familia of sculptural totems.

We love the feeling of something made by hand.

Everything we do, is made totally in Mexico.

We work together with local artisans who produces our pieces one by one. Do you want to know a little more about how we make our pieces?

Click here.

Fauna, masks inspired by endangered species.

Balsa specializes in the design and production of objects made from natural rattan, not only because we love its very special and characteristic personality, but also for being one of the most sustainable materials in furniture production.

Find out more about rattan properties and why we love it so much.

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